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It’s about time!

by Bobby on The Life, The Songs 8 Mar, 2011 has no comments yet!

Finally, there’s something for folks to listen to! For now, all of my songs are free 285+bps mp3 downloads and streaming through ReverbNation. Soon, I will be on iTunes! I’m working on at least two more songs so that I can complete a full album! I’m even gonna put it on vinyl! ┬áPlease enjoy the original artwork I created for each song I’ve recorded so far:

Only the beginning. Only just a start.

by Bobby on The Life 6 Feb, 2011 has no comments yet!

Howdy Friends and Family! Bobby’s opening up shop and I will soon have some music available for your enjoyment! Bobby and the Isotopes is a band with only one member: me! Just wait until you hear what we’ve been up to!